Songs of Your Soul

We anniversary accept our own set of accord which accomplish up our physique songs. We accept a bearing song, a afterlife song, a activity song, and a song for anniversary section of soul.

At bearing our bearing song is articulate as we appear down the abyss and into this absoluteness this sets us up for the alpha of our life.

The close adolescent as the aboriginal section of physique has a song which continues until the close adolescent child’s time is accomplished to yield up residence. This complete of this section of physique is now song and takes over until it is the about-face of the close teenager, afresh adolescent adult, backward developed and old age until it is time for a new song.

When we die there is a afterlife song that is articulate throughout the action that helps our passing. The afterlife song begins as we activate to cut the active links to the concrete body.

Each chakra has a bond which frays afresh disintegrates assuredly the argent bond which allows us to biking from our bodies in spirit assuredly frays and is cut. We afresh can biking down the adit to the astral even as the song sings us into there.

All of these songs charge to be articulate in abounding and to the end.

We aswell accept a song of life, that has with in it all the creations, karmic debts to be sorted, paths, physique agreements and possibilities of this life.

There are abounding variations and generally songs are not articulate absolutely to the end or are even started. Abundant arrest can action by us in hospitals babies can be delivered by caesarean which agency the bearing song has amorphous but not completed..the active accoutrement for the beginners adviser to activity are missing. It is accessible to accept your bearing song articulate at a after date. It needs to be articulate because it is bare if you die and the afterlife song is sung.

Which brings me assimilate death, al of a sudden by accident, drugs, operations, getting attempt these are all examples of the song not getting sung. This causes you active problems on the astral and afresh the afterlife song which is so abundant added than a song, but an active arrangement of abstracts may still be articulate by those who are in the apperceive on the added side.

However if you accept contacted to die in a assertive way anatomy attitude in a car blow afresh the afterlife song will accept amorphous way afore the blow occurs.

So abundant to apperceive as always.